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Painting Summaries

Prison -2004-

“Prison" is a self portrait painted in Coleman Federal Prison in Orlando Florida 2004. The artist in prison uniform, is surrounded by symbolic shapes, and images derived from religious imagery, eastern philosophies and psychedelia.

Technically it is a practice in composition, color theory, and photographic realism. Conceptually, it is a colorful expression of identity, dignity, imagination and freedom. Contrary to the prison’s system’s attempt of conformity and control. The painting was made for the artist's son.

La Papaya -2004-

"La Papaya" was another painting created in Coleman Federal Prison. A surrealistic painting based on a painting of a Papaya, as well as “Birth Of Venus” by William Bouguereau and “The Birth of Venus” Alexandre Cabanel.

Papaya, is a slang term for vagina used in the Latino culture. Ironically to “Birth of Venus” it is a representation of female oppression which had a huge influence on the artist's upbringing and perspective growing up in the Los Angeles barrios. The colorful geometric shapes represent imagination implying that life starts before it becomes a part of matter.  

I Am -2015-

"I am" is a painting based on a photograph taken in Morocco by world traveler and photographer John Cota in Spring of 2015. The piece captures a brief second of time but creates a timeless piece with the beautiful decay of life around the subject playing like a soundtrack in the background. It romanticizes the struggle of identity and inability in exposing one's own self. The title “I Am” is a biblical reference to God as well as an explanation to the subject matter's identity. Even though you are unable to see the identity of the subject, the fact remains that she still has one.

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